Odd Folk

An open-world, free, unrestricted Java Roguelike.

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Requires Java 11

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A Roguelike with a Twist

Odd Folk is a Roguelike survival simulation hybrid that delves into the philosophy of purpose within a world that has proven to be purposeless. You can create your own story, or follow that of another character. There is no set path for you to take, and you won't be told what to do - aside from maintaining your character's mental and physical health. Each choice has a consequence, most of which can not be foreseen.

The Story

Odd Folk picks up somewhere after, before, or during a catastrophic event that is certain to change the entire world you reside in. Every character is a living, breathing person, and has its own outlook on things. You can have a family, create a family, and even lose your family.


We want the setting to be realistic and believable, but we also want to give you, the player, the option to bend what reality means with plugins or mods. These can be created by anyone and added by anyone.